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  • The Training Subclass 407 Visa is a short stay visa for people to undergo occupational training or professional development in Australia. The Training visa allows people to undertake occupational training in Australia to meet occupational registration or licensing requirements; to enhance skills in their occupation; or for capacity building overseas.
  • The visa is generally valid for stay in Australia for 2 years. The visa is subject to condition 8102 which forbids work apart from the training specified in the visa application. You must also maintain your health insurance whilst in Australia.
  • The application must be lodged online. You can either be in Australia or overseas when lodging the application. Family members (spouses and children) can be included in the application.


There are two eligibility pathways for the visa. However, all applicants must show that they:

  • Have turned 18
  • Have functional English
  • Hold private health insurance
  • Genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for the intended purpose
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Sponsorship by an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor is required.


This stream requires a nomination by the sponsor to do one of the following activities in Australia:

  • Training required to obtain registration, membership or a licence to work in Australia or home country
Training be in the 407 Training Visa Occupation List – in this case, the applicant must have recent and suitable prior experience. Recent and suitable experience includes employment or study experience that:
  • Is equivalent of at least 12 months full-time experience in the occupation
  • Has occurred in the 24 months immediately before the nomination is lodged.
  • Up to 6 months of practical experience, research or observation is required to obtain an overseas qualification
  • Training supported by a government agency or the applicant’s home government
  • Occupational training would generally require at least 70% of the training to be on-the-job versus classroom training.


This would require you to be working overseas in a management or professional position. Training is primarily classroom training and would need to be in skills relevant to your position.


The 407 visa is granted for a specific period, anywhere from six months to two years. The Immigration Case Officer will decide the length of the visa based on how much training they think you need. At the end of the 407 visa, you may be eligible for another type of visa.

If you are outside Australia at time of grant, this visa allows you to:

  • To travel to and enter Australia after your visa is granted and
  • Remain in Australia during the stay period granted (up to a maximum of two years), which begins on the day you first enter Australia.

If you are in Australia at time of grant, this visa allows you to:

  • Remain in Australia during the stay period granted (up to a maximum of two years), which begins on the date your visa is granted.
  • The duration of stay (stay period) you have been granted will be consistent with the requirements of your training position or professional development programme.
  • When you receive your visa, you are issued with a visa grant notification letter that explains the conditions of your visa, including the stay period and entry requirements.


Your employer must nominate you (and they cannot be a sole trader or an individual).


Condition 8102:
Main applicant must not engage in work in Australia other than in relation to the holder’s course of study or training.
Condition 8104:
Secondary applicants must not engage in work for more than 40 hours a fortnight while the holder is in Australia.

Visa processing time

A Training (Subclass 407) Visa –is processed in approximately 71 days to 4 months. If your current visa is due to expire, we may be able to lodge your 407 visa so you can remain in Australia on a bridging visa during the processing time.

What is eligible training for the 407 Training Visa?

  • The Training Visa (Subclass 407) is a short stay visa for people to complete occupational training activities to improve skills for your career or area of study, or in a professional development training program in Australia.
  • To be eligible for the visa, your sponsor/employer must have nominated you to join in a program of occupational training. The requirements for the nomination differ depending on the purpose or type of training. There are three different types of nominations:
    1. Occupational training required for registration – Provide workplace training to gain occupational registration, membership, licensing to work in an occupation in Australia or your home country.
    2. Occupational training to improve skills in an eligible occupation– Provide training that is tailored and timed in relation to an occupation specified on 407 Training Visa Occupation List
    3. Occupational training for capacity building overseas – There are three types:
      • Overseas qualification – Training for students who are currently enrolled in a foreign education institution and must complete a period of practical training, research or observation to get their qualification and the training must be tailored to the training needs of the person.
      • Government support – Training which is supported by government agency in Australia or your home country.
      • Professional development – Face- to-face teaching in a classroom in Australia for managerial or professional employees.

Occupational training for registration

  • To be nominated for this type, the training must be necessary for you to obtain registration, membership or licensing in Australia or your home country. Therefore, this nomination type would not be suitable if you are already working in the occupation. It is also not suitable for people to seek a professional association e.g. an accountant who wants to become a chartered accountant.
  • Your sponsor must submit a letter from the regulatory body in Australia or your home country to prove that training is necessary to obtain the registration to work in the occupation.
  • The length of the training would depend on the registration requirement.

Occupation training to enhance skills

  • This training must be structured workplace -based training tailored specifically to your training needs. Only certain occupations are eligible for this nomination. The training provided by the sponsor must be related to the occupation.
  • Other criteria for this nomination is that you have recent and relevant experience. You must have at least 12 months full-time experience in the occupation and this must have occurred in the 24 months immediately before the time of nomination. The experience may include employment or study experience.
  • The duration of the training would depend on the training required to ensure that your skill level would match the skill level prescribed by ANZSCO.

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