Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Subclass 186 visa is a permanent residency visa for overseas skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian employer to work in Australia.
It is a two-step application process:
  • Nomination by an approved Australian Employer for an occupation or position required for business.
  • Visa application by the skilled overseas worker under the nominated stream
The applicants can be in or outside when lodging an application for ENS visa; however, when applying in Australia, it is mandatory to have substantive visa or a bridging visa A, B or C.

Benefits You Get On 186 Visa:

With 186 visa, you and your family members included in the visa application can:

  • Live, study and work in Australia for an indefinite period
  • Enrol in Medicare to cover health care costs
  • Apply for Australian citizenship on satisfying the criteria
  • Sponsor other eligible relatives for permanent residence in Australia
  • Visit Australia frequently for 5 years from the date visa is granted

Eligibility Criteria For Applicants

As an applicant, to be eligible for this visa, you must have:

  • Age less than 50 years of age unless you are exempt from the age criteria
  • Nomination by an Australian employer who is legally operating in Australia
  • Applied for the visa within 6 months of getting a nomination
  • Required skills and qualifications for the position
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency unless you are exempt
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Fulfilled the criteria of the stream you applied
**From 1st July 2017, the applicants with 45 years of age or less will be considered eligible for Direct Entry stream.
From March 2018, the maximum age requirement for all the applicants of 186 visa will be 45 years or less. Also, when applying under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream, it is mandatory to have at least three years of relevant work experience.

Eligibility Criteria For Nominating Employers

To be an eligible nominating employer for this visa:

  • You must be operating in Australia legally and actively
  • You must have met the training benchmark (A or B) requirements (1 % or 2 %)
  • You must have a genuine requirement to fill a skilled position for full time at least for 2 years
  • You must have complied with Australian immigration and workplace laws
  • You must be paid as per industry standards
  • You must have met the criteria of stream under which you are nominating ( i.e. Temporary Residence Transition, Direct Entry or Agreement)
  • There should not be any contradictory information identified about you or your business

Health & Character Requirements

You and all the family members included in the application must provide:

  • Certificates of medical examinations undergone within 12 months of lodging the visa application
  • Police certificates with no criminal convictions in the last ten years

Eligible Family Members

You can include following members in your visa application:

  • Your Partner/Spouse
  • Your or your partner’s child/step child
Applying for 186 visa requires a great level of caution. From obtaining a positive skill assessment to identifying the correct stream and demonstrating exemption requirements for age, skills and English, there are many difficulties in the process that are enough to make your head swim.
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