Student Visa (Subclass 500) allows you to participate in an eligible course of study in Australia. The visa allows you to travel in and out of Australia with the tenure of your visa. Moreover, it allows you to work up to 40 hours every 2-week period once your course starts.


The visa costs from AUD620 for the main applicant, unless they are exempt. There is also a charge for each family member who applies for the visa.

Apply From

You can be in or outside Australia when you apply for the visa and when we decide on your application.

Packaged Courses

You will need to give us Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for each course. The last course you take as part of the course package is your main course of study. We use your main course of study to work out what financial and English language skills evidence you must give us.

Include family

You can include family members when you lodge your visa application. For student visas, your family member is your partner or your partner's dependent child who is unmarried and has not turned 18 years of age.


You can travel outside Australia and return as many times as you want while the visa is valid. The time you spend outside Australia does not extend the visa.

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